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Plastic Shredder for recycling and shredding of plastic and synthetic materials. The Single-shaft shredder are made for recycling of  bulky waste, textiles and rubber.


Shredding is an essential step in a smooth-running process chain. Untreated plastic waste either in baled or loose form is fed into the machine with wheel loaders or a conveyor belt.
The output is consistent, the cut precise and 90% of the output will be smaller than 60 mm with an output of up to 5 metric tons per hour.

Prewashing and Foreign Matter Separation

The requirements for prewashing are clearly defined. Pre-shredded plastics are often heavily contaminated and loaded with foreign matter. The rafter’s well-engineered technology effectively separates abrasive matter and prepares the material for all following processes.


Now free from foreign matter, the material is granulated using a wet granulator that screens the material to the preferred grain size to make recycling particularly efficient.

Plastics Separation

Categorising plastics according to their specific weight. This step is executed with Lindner Washtech’s gravitator, a machine that combines state-of-the-art features with the tried-and-tested sink-float method. In this process, not only is it important that the output material is single-variety, but the machine’s construction must also be compact and efficient.

Friction Washing

Efficient washing through friction. The Lindner Washtech friction washers clean even the smallest particles very effectively. The machine size can be adjusted to the customer’s specific throughput requirements, achieving rates of up to 4 metric tons per hour. The machine’s screens and paddles are also customisable.

Mechanical and thermical Drying

The shredded and washed material is fed into a centrifuge where the plastic flakes are dried in controlled conditions. The resulting centrifugal forces contribute to cleaning and drying the materials. Finally, the material is thermally dried and can subsequently be transferred for extrusion.