Processing Solutions for all Kinds of Plastic

Tailor-Made Technology for perfect results

Regardless of what kind of plastics you process and what output qualities and production volumes you’re striving for, Lindner washTech will develop a recycling plant solution that is customised exactly to your requirements. With perfectly coordinated processing steps for shredding, separating and washing, we guarantee a smooth workflow that delivers a 100% clean and homogeneous output material.

Post-Consumer Film / LDPE Film + HDPE Film

Post-consumer film is plastic waste, primarily packaging, which is the result of consumption by private and commercial end consumers. These waste films are often heavily contaminated and must be pre-sorted before being washed and regranulated. The complex processes for cleaning these films require highly efficient washing systems that work in several steps. The Rafter pre-wash system developed by LINDNER has become established as a core component of plastic recycling plants.

Post-Commercial Film / LDPE + LLDPE Film

Post-commercial film refers in general to transparent plastic films with a high stretch content, which are recovered from supermarkets and other businesses. These soft films are often contaminated with organic matter and paper labels, which must be removed and separated in a complex procedure. Drying thin stretch wrap poses a special challenge and is handled efficiently by a centrifuge from LINDNER’s Loop Dryer series. The goal is to produce a granulate for subsequent extrusion that is as transparent as possible and free of contaminants, with the same market quality as new material.

HDPE Bottles

In modern recycling systems, HDPE bottles are pre-sorted and compacted and usually handled as baled material. The purity of these pre-sorted waste fractions varies significantly from one country or region to another. The washing system can be streamlined to accommodate the intended application of the reprocessed plastic. For example, by implementing LINDNER’s Hot-Wash-System, the output material is of such high quality that it can replace primary plastic – the prerequisite for a true circular economy.

PP Boxes / PO hard Plastics

These are plastics such as monofractions and mixed plastics recovered from commercial waste or kerbside waste collection. The pre-shredders from LINDNER’s Micromat series are sturdy machines that are resistant to foreign objects and obstructions and reliably reduce the feed material to the defined grain size. The separation technology is of special importance to the washing process. Here the plastic with a density of > 1 g/cm³ is separated from the PO fractions using various different methods. Alongside its tried-and-tested sink-float method, LINDNER WASHTECH also offers hydrocyclone separation technology.

PP Sheets

Lightweight PP sheets require a washing technology similar to that used for plastic films. The plastic is processed in several steps, in which the material also undergoes a dynamic friction process. The LINDNER WASHTECH friction cleaners from the Twister series are a gentle yet highly efficient solution for thorough cleaning of highly-contaminated plastic waste.

HDPE Canisters / IBCs

Since these monofractions are very large, effective pre-shredding in a LINDNER single-shaft shredder comes first. As a rule, these fractions are contaminated with oil, grease or chemicals, which necessitates a washing line with a filtration system for the wastewater. LINDNER WASHTECH offers optional water treatment systems for all of its washing lines.

PP Big Bags

One particular recycling challenge is posed by PP big bags, as they often contain unidentified foreign matter. Such abrasive residual matter as sand, glass or ceramics can increase wear and tear on the cutting unit. In order to guarantee uninterrupted operations with high throughput despite the additional stress on the machine, we offer special wear & spare part packages. This way, you can react quickly if a part needs changing and keep production downtime to a minimum.

Agricultural Film ( LDPE / LLDPE )

Agricultural film refers to a wide range of foils from the agricultural sector, for example mulching films, agricultural stretch films (bale wrap film), silage foil and sheeting as well as greenhouse films. Particularly the heavily contaminated, thin mulching films and agricultural stretch films require extremely thorough washing and drying, which makes the recycling of these materials very difficult and complex. Here is where the technological know-how and experience of LINDNER WASHTECH really pays off. We have supplied many clients from all over the world with machines for this application – tailored to sometimes highly specialised customer requirements.

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